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It's a great theme for early years, isn't it?

We've covered the Three lIttle Pigs very successfully in the past, and it lends itself to all sorts of interesting activities:

* 3D work with recycled materials to build houses

* tests to see how strong straw really is!

* building outside with sticks, to make dens, etc

*making stick puppets and acting out the story

* doing lots of work with the concept of "3"


I'm sure that others will come up with some great suggestions. In the meantime, have you done a search for traditional stories? :o

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Mine chose 'billy Goats Gruff' last year. We acted it out with puppets and then ourselves - great discussions about what we could use for the bridge and alternative endings to the story. I had goats and a troll in the tuff spot with lovely grassy turf on one side and compost on the other - again lots of discussion around what we could use for the bridge and the stream. I also loved doing Goldilocks and the children loved having real porridge oats to play with in the home corner.

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i made "thinking cards" based on fairy tales. every morning at circle time I would hold up a card with a "think" on it. (words and pictures to prompt)


then we would have a"think" and say what we thought! some of them were:


What would i have built my house with if I was a little pig?

What would I have done if I found the three bears house?

What present would I give a baby princess?

What would I do if I got lost in a wood?

Would I eat an apple if a stranger gave me one?

If I could have a wish what would I wish for?

What would I say to a wolf?

How would I help clean the seven dwarves house?

how would I hide from a giant?


(possible to go on forever! and in fact was so succesful i have a "think" every morning now about anything)

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