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Hello every one, need some help if you dont mind. When we return after christmas my setting wants to have a week concentrating on PSED, sense of community. Need some ideas for some activities have some in mind for example the local vicar is coming in to talk to the children as many of our children regularly attend the church it is in a way their church community. We are planning on making a photo board of special people and pets in their lives. Any other ideas would be appreciated getting a headache now. I think we should have resources for incusion i.e. photos, posters, puzzles etc dipicting disability in a positive way, we dont have many and i would like to build up more, as we have no money in the pot i have been looking on internet for free downloads etc but can not find any, anyone out there know of any good websites would be most grateful.

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Are you in your own building or do you share with other users lilliejos?


If you share perhaps you could look at what the other users of your building do: for our children the hall we meet in is a big part of their lives: Brownies, parent and toddler group, choir, Sunday school, Weight watchers etc.


What about your relationships with your local/feeder schools - could you do something with them (particularly useful if some of your children have just gone to 'big school' so the children left behind can learn something about what their friends are doing in their new settings).


Running out of ideas now - no wonder you've got a headache.



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We had the local community police in to talk to the children about their role and how the children could always talk to one of them if they needed to. One brought his bike in to show and they children tried on the helmets and bits of uniform


We also did a visit last Christmas to the local old peoples home. The children absolutely loved the attention. I took them round all the old people to talk to. They did get lots of hugs. One of the children's grandparents was there so it was a good way in. The children sang their christmas songs and they were all given juice and biscuits.


We have quite a few pupils of ethnic background who live in the area and we had some of their family in to talk about Eid. I would definitely include some photos of other peoples backgrounds in your display


How about inviting grandparents into school?

Local animal shelter? When I ran a Rainbows group I invited the cats protection league in and they were fantastic did a brilliant age appropriate talk and gave the children lots of stickers and things


How about the local postman? Could he come in for 5 minutes when he delivers letters to the school, do you have a post office nearby to visit and perhaps buy some stamps.


Show a map of the school and plot where children live (roughly)


The fire brigade, could you get a visit?


Local shops, farms etc?


I keep editting this post and adding more

Have you looked at the SEAL resources


Page 8 onwards gives some ideas for community (belonging)




Loads of photo resources




Am sure you will find some that are useful for display. I would look at where it says 'photos jpeg' on the right hand side. It is in a zip file.


And a booklist here



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