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I am have just started this module and we are doing a presentation in 4 weeks! Due to "an admin error" at uni this module has been missed off my online resources to I can't access any course info (for another week at least)

So Can anyone help me?


The title of the presentation is

An understanding of the key concepts and approaches to provision and practice considering the work of key pioneers and current experts with links to child development theory.


Maybe beacuse I am very tired today but I just can't seem to make any sence of what I need to do and dont have a clue where to start!


To make things worse our tutor is off for a week on holiday!


Many many thanks for any help.....

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I put your 'title' into a google search and found what looks like a really good site that introduces you to quite a few theorists, don't know if this will help with reading for your module.





The odds may appear to be stacked against you, 'admin error' , holidays (whatever next :(:o ) and a very ambiguous title to work from, but hey, have a good nights sleep, trust in your brain power, anyone who is a member of this forum has the 'power' xD and I am sure you will get your presentation ready in time.


Positive thinking = Positive results. :(


Good luck (as well) :(



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I would look at one theorist at a time and think about what they said and how that has impacted upon practise and provision within child care settings today.


Have you looked at the articles on the forum? They are very good. :o

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Yes, do take a look at Juliet's articles here on the forum. They give you an outline of the important theorists and how their work influences our current practice in the early years. I'd take Beau's advice and look at one at a time. When you've made some notes, you'll be able to see similarities between the various theories, eg child-centred; encouraging independent, active learning; supportive knowledgeable adults; an enabling environment, etc. :o

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Then you can relate everything back to EYFS as its such an amazing document drawing on much theory and practice xD lol good luck, eat a few bananas and some fish to help maintain some brain power, maybe not at the same time though :o

Tina Bruce is always a good place to start as many of her bedrock principles relate to previous early educators- Montessori, Froebel, Steiner to name but a few and then to current practice...maybe choosing just a select few main types of theorists- contructivist, socio-constructivist, etc could be the framework for presentation... Piaget, Montessori, Steiner all believed children entered stages of development and the children's learning related to their age


Thats all my brain will come up with for the moment, hope you are enlighted with some more information on your course soon, have you got to make the presentation to many people?


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