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How Do You Structure Your Day In A Mixed-age Class?


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Hi. I'm a student teacher, and I'll be going on placement in a mixed Reception/Year 1 class after Christmas. There are 11 Year 1's and 7 Reception children in the class.

At the mo, the teacher delivers the whole class input with both groups, then the Reception children have access to the continuous provision while the Year 1's get more focused input. While the Year 1's complete an activity, the Receptions are called to do a focused activity in groups of 2 or 3. The Reception children complete one focused activity every day, alternating between literacy and numeracy day by day.

I would like to experiment with different ways of structuring the day, but I've never been in a mixed-age class before so I don't really have many other ideas! How do you structure your days?

Thanks :)

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