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Jackie H

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Please can anyone offer advise on taking children out on school trips in the mini bus. In the past I have worked in state schools where we have had to fill in risk assessments, and visit the place prior to the visit. Working now in a maintained school and after bringing up my concerns on risk assessment, I have been asked to produce a document to cover all visits. While numbers are low i want to make use of the bus but need the correct documents. Can anyone help with similar documents. How do you go about trips out of school ?

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Hi Jackie


I'm not sure if this is what you want but here goes. You can make up your own risk assessment form for outings, or the school shoudl have one anyway. I would always recommend, whatever type of school or setting, that a pre visit risk assessment is done - I think a lot of places now insist on it. Also I am sure the school itself should have guidelines on trips outside, ask the head. :)


With regard to use of minibuses, there is a document from the Dept of Transport, VSE 1/96 outlining use of Seat belts etc entitled 'Advice to Users and Operators of Minibuses and Coaches carrying children'. there is also another document about the responsibilities of the driver on outings.


If that is what you were after hope it helps, if not sorry.


mobbsters :)

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