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we did a pond - had some magnetic fishing rods, made fish and attached magnets to them and made a pond with reeds etc - children loved it :o



Just to change the subject completely could anyone please confirm how often observations need to be completed. I am a registered childminder and working within the EYFS. Any help would be appreciatied. If this needs to be removed to another area could someone please do this for me.



Still new to this site.



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Hi, this has been discussed before so try doing a search.


I would say there is not a definitive number required. Observations being used to discover what you don't know and to evidence 'some' of what you do know. I say 'some' because your professional judgement is evidence as well as observations, ie: you don't need to have an observation to evidence every part of the EYFS, some things can't easily be observed or some knowledge/understanding can be assessed through your knowledge of a childs tranferable skills for example.


I'd say look at each individual childs 'learning journey' notes, see if there are any children with gaps, ie: what questions does their evidence so far give you? ie: I know Katy likes to listen to me read books but does she access them independently, does she turn the pages properly, is she beginning to know a story has a beginning, middle and end? This excersise for each child will help you to plan what, when, why and how many observations you need to do.

Observations primarily being a tool to 'fully understand the childs level of development and current interests, thus informing your practice.


Hope that helps.



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