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Guest Stalbans

Hi, I found this poem in a book we had in the Preschool and I have just started to teach it to the children.


Mary's Cradle


Mary stooped and patted the baby,

stroked the top of his downy head,

How she wished she could rock the manger,

Rock the rickety manger bed.


Joseph asked, 'Is the baby hungry?'

Mary answered, 'He's just been fed,'

Joseph longed for the fine new cradle,

Fine rocking cradle in his shed.


by Sue Cowling

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I made up this one to the tune of 'I'm a little teapot' don't know if it's the sort of thing you want. I've put words to several nursery rhymes for our Nativity as the children are confident with the tunes. I could add more verses if you want it longer.


Little baby Jesus

On the hay

Dreaming sweetly

On Christmas Day

Hear the cattle lowing

By his bed

Carry on sleeping

Dreamy head.

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Wow, that's lovely Adbeneja! You are clever..... wish I could do that!



i have got a christmas book at school with a nice one in i will ry and remember to bring it home from school tomorrow and post it on here!

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Last year I made up a very simple song for our children to sing to the tune of "London Bridge is falling down.


Mary had a baby boy, baby boy, baby boy.

Mary had a baby boy

And his name was Jesus.


Angels appeared in the sky etc

Telling all of Jesus.


Shepherds came to visit Him etc.

The little baby Jesus.


Three Wise Men also came etc.

Bringing gifts for Jesus.


Adbenaja, I like your song.


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Thankyou Guys

I put this notice on last night and already it has come off the 'leader board' so I had to try and remember where I had posted it!!! Thanks for all your help. I love the Cheer leader type song Stalbans. I have gone for one sung to the tune of Wheels on the Bus- e.g. the cows in the stable go moo moo moo...... all night long etc.

Should be simple enough for the adults as well as the children!!!


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