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Nvq Level 3, Help?


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Hi all


I have just started my NVQ Level 3, part-time over the course of a year and have been asked to do a focused activity plan to be used in my portfolio. We then have to get the children to complete the activity and then evaluate it.


I have done the plan, the children have completed the activity, I have observed them and evaluated it. I used the water tray, put some food colouring in the water and put one jug in and the rest of the vessels had holes in at various points, allowing the water to drain out. I also put some colanders in which did not hold any water at all.


I can link all of this to the theorists (Piaget's schema, Bandura imitating others) and to the curriculum (early mathmatics and scientific exploration and experimentation) and can take into account the needs of individual learning styles (ESL, communication problems) the problem I am having is that for the plan we have been asked for different points of "rationale". The point I am having difficulties with is -


How the activity suits the childrens age and stage of development and how the childrens learning is affected by their stage of development e.g. you wouldnt ask a two year old child to draw you a picture of a house as their fine manipulative skills havent developed sufficiently to enable them to hold a pencil correctly.


The children i am working with are approximately 2:10 - 3:4 in a playgroup setting.


I am not the only one having fun understanding this and we have asked the tutor what this means and she wasnt really very forthcoming, infact her answer was "just put what you think".


My problem being I cant think!! I have put that this "activity suits the children as it gives them the opportunity to experiment with water and its properties without putting them in any danger" (unless 1 of them tries going for a swim in the water tray or putting their head in) but I don't know if I am on the right path!


Can anyone help??? Am I on the right path?? I thought I would ask the experts!!


Another point, just while I'm here - I love the fact that there are tips for NVQ students in the resources, especially on the units. The only problem being that unlike the fulltime courses, we have 3 units on the go at a time. 301, 302 and 309 which is what the focused activity plan is for.


Hoping someone can give me some hints before next Tuesday as this is when is has to be in!!


Many thanks


mummyspud x

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I am almost finished my first year of lecturing, evening classes of NVQ level 3 child care learning and development and not once over the course have I had to ask my students for a rationale for their activity plan!!!!


I have been working to / following another staff members lesson plans (the group was big and so it was split into 2 this past year) But she is very experienced and hence the reason I have followed her lead!!


So I suggest that a rationale is the underlying principle or the basis / foundation for what you chose to do.


The reasoning I suppose behind using that activity for those children.


I think you had already said why you did the activity how about adding to that the fact children get to see water movement because its coloured water?


I don't think your tutor was terrible helpful but then again I don't feel I have been either!!!

Maybe its a new thing, this rationale bit??????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I don't assess for the course maybe I haven't read the standards for each unit well enough!!!!


Feel free to get in touch if I can be of further help!!!

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Thank you soooo much!!


You have been helpful!


I will pass this on to the other newbies in my class! When I say newbies, myself and 5 others have jumped in at the deep end and are doing the level 3 with having the level 2.


There are times when we have to research the question and find out what it means, before we even contemplate giving an answer! The 'rationale' bit has gazumped all of us and also some of the level 2 people in the class!


We were all pondering during break time yesterday, whether our tutors actually write the questions themselves or take them from a standard. |t was amazing how many of us get the dictionary and theasaurus out to try and break down the questions.


We were also admitting that even when we have completed the assignment, we still doubt if we have answered it correctly and some can even be heard breathing sighes of relief, when it is handed back saying criteria met or good work lol


Just one more question - Nearly finished your 1st year of lecturing NVQ3, does this mean you enjoyed it and are prepared to do it for a second year?? Have you enjoyed it or have there been times where you have felt like tearing your hair out??


Ok that was two questions!!


Once again, many, many thanks, you have been so helpful!

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