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Great definition, Susan. :D


What's your dissertation about? Methodology of what? We'll help if we can :)

Im doing an investigation into visually impaired children and their use of books and have to write a methodology for this

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Nicely put Susan, short and to the point.


Brenda, your methodology section/chapter is about HOW you are going to investigate your chosen topic. For example, some question you may want to think about.....


Are you going to use questionnaires and distribute them to people who work with VI children?

Are you going to observe how children use books in a variety of settings?

Are you going to interview children and or adults about their use of books?

How are you going to select the children you use in your sample?

Are you going to involve parents?

Are you going to ask members from the wider community about their 'perception' of how VI children access or use books?

What are you expecting to find out and how will your chosen method help you to do this?


And so on..

hope that helps :D



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