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I have recently stepped into the role of ICT coordinator and have discovered that there is no scheme of work for Foundation ICT.


As I also teach in Foundation, we always integrate ICT into everyday pratice through child-intiated and adult-led activities. However, our setting has a teacher employed solely to teach ICT. Whilst she endeavours to extend the practice that takes place in the classroom, she is struggling a little for ideas. She takes groups of children twice a week into our mini-ICT suite for focussed ICT activities.


I would be interested to know how other practitioners deliver ICT in Foundation and whether anyone knows of any free schemes of work? Our head will not allow us to purchase a published scheme of work so I am having to conjure up my own! :o


Any help/ideas would be brilliant,




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Hi we are in the same position as you. We integrate ICT into everyday practice in the classroom but children go out once a week with the ict teacher. She follows the LCP ict scheme. She finds it very good as it covers computer basics as well as photography, videoing, remote control cars, video recorders and CD players etc...

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