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Essay On 2 Child Development Theorists


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i am doing vygostky and piaget in my current essay and wondered if u could give me some guidance on the following sentence or have any other examples of children going beynd their true level of developement in role play thanks



Children’s pretend play is important to Vygostkys theory; he believes that it allowed the child to function at a level beyond their true capability. I believe this is demonstrated when children become a character or person that they have not got the ability to trulely be in the present tense e.g. mummy or daddy, tv character

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Have to say - this this post has been driving me mad Willows08!!!


I knew I had read about this recently but for the life of me couldn't remember where, then BINGO!


"Teaching Young Children: Choices in Theory and Practice." by Glenda MacNaughton and Gillian Williams2004. pages 332 and 333.


The authors comment on your description of Vygotsky's belief and cite comments made by Moyles .. "this idea gains support through research showing that children involved in child-directed fantasy play provide more varied and alternate uses for objects than children who have not had this experience." another quote by Moyles was "In imaginative play children can imagine themselves beyond what they can accomplish in ordinary interactions with themselves and others."


The original references for Moyles (J)can be found in "Just Playing: The role and status of play in Early Childhood Education." (1989) A good and easy read but not sure if this book elaborates any further!


Hope this helps a little - better late than never??!

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