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Eyfs In Out Of School


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Hi i was wondering if anyone has any advice on planning the EYFS in out of school clubs ? If so how do they do it as I am looking for ideas i have looked on the internet but cant find any.


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Hello again!!


Our afterschool club is fairly new, it only opened Sep 07.


We had our first Ofsted in May 08, and this looked at the afterschool, lunch club and private nursery provision which I run. We had some outstandings and the rest were goods.


Before Sep 08, I would have said that my staff were purely AWARE of the needs of EYFS children, and when Ofsted came she looked at things like healthy eating and safety measures when parents picking up children, registers, contact details policies etc.


However my staff attended training just beore half term to say that they should be planning when EYFS children are using afterschool!!!!!!!!!!


I am one hundred percent behind the fact that afterschool club should NOT be a continuation of the school day.


It is a different time for children.

A time to chill out and relax down.


So what I suggested to my staff, and I ultimately will have to justify to Ofsted (probably soon as part of the school inspection), is that they should put together a month of planning.

This will show all the areas of learning over each night of the week, and an activity will be in each box.


This will take into account, cooking club, jumping jaxx, art club etc.

It will aso show the ways the resources can be used to cover different areas.


I think this will show that the staff are aware of and pay heed to the learning areas.


I am lucky as all my afterschool staff work with the nursery children either for lunch club, PPA cover or covering me when I am doing my degree.

So they all know very well what the early years entails.


On the bottom of these planning sheets we have typed something similar to: whilst we are aware of and can plan to the needs of EYFS children we place no pressure on the children to choose any of these activities.


I don't know if it is right, but after school is just that to me.


AFTER school


I hopefully can justify this if I am asked to.


Does any of this help at all????!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If you need more info feel free to message me.



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Don't know if this is helpful or not as I am not involved in out-of-school, but I have just read the latest copy of 'Play Today' published by Play England (by the National Children's Bureau).


On page 17 under the banner of Skills Active there is a para which reads as follows:




Early Years Foundation Stage Briefing Paper


SkillsActive is preparing to publish a briefing paper on the implications of Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) for playworkers and playwork employers. The paper will outline how, if a setting is underpinned by the Playwork Principles, it will meet EYFS requirements as a playwork setting is very unlikely to be the primary care setting for the child in the EYFS. Whilst there will be an expectation for playworkers to observe and record this it will be within the context of playwork ethos and practice. Playworkers won't be expected to complete the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile which will be the responsibility of the primary setting.



(written by William Pickering at SkillsActive www.skillsactive.com/playwork)


The Play England website is: http://www.ncb.org.uk/Page.asp?originx_531...u_200710111218j

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