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Jack In The Beanstalk


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We did this once as a mini play for parents at Easter, but the story inspired many activities before and after the event.


The children made 'beanstalks' using wood, hammers, nails and paper leaves. They helped make the giants head and they helped choose their costumes from our dressing up box. :o


As a craft activity the children could 'design' and make the beanstalk, any variety of resources / materials that build upon each other as a 3D tower, or can be attached to a long length of card etc. What the children choose to use to represent the leaves, stalk is all part of the creativity.


This is a great story to lead onto planting and growing activities, so maybe the children could do some pottery and make pots to grow mini beanstalks (or other plants) in, could be a nice xmas present for parents too.


Have fun xD






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How old are your lovelies? Ours are 2 -5 and this activity was really for the older ones or ones with quite well developed fine motor skills, scissors etc.


pre-draw a simple spiral shape on a piece of A4 green card (large tea plate size roughly), leaving a reasonable 50p sized circle in the middle. Make sure the lines aren't too close together as its hard for the children to cut accurately and bits tend to drop off!


Show them how to cut out the spiral carefully. Then show them that when you hold it up by the 50p sized middle it falls gently into a long spiral, like the beanstalk! Then give them some plain white card and ask them to draw a Jack (or Jill) and also a giant. They can then cut them out and blutac them onto their spirals where they want.


These look lovely suspended from the ceiling by a piece of thread. Ours wrote their names on a green 'bean' shaped post-it and stuck it on the bottom too.


Good luck and sorry if my instructions sound a bit wierd, its just hard to describe!

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We asked the children to imagine what would grow if they planted a magic bean? After the discussion we gave them each a large precut leaf shape onto which they were asked to draw what they imagined/wanted to grow. The leaves were added to a giant beanstalk wall display, and it looked great and was a good excercise for imagination, creativity, communication etc.

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