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Can anyone help me, we plan on a fortnightly basis we use the observations of our children to plan for their next steps i can see from the learning journeys and i can see it in the children that they are achieving and that nursery is a positive learning environment.

However our other nursery has an eyp who has now made me doubt what we do, she says the long term planning is too general, that we should be placing more of an emphasis on medium term planning and that there needs to be more focussed observations.

Should we change our planning is it not enough, and where do you strike a balance between sitting paperwork and actually doing what we first came into this job for "THE CHILDREN" dont get me wrong i understand the importance of observing and planning for our children but i feel we do enough and now im worried we might not be doing our children justice.

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In my heart I believe as a setting you have to do what is right for your children!


Because there isn't one formula to fit all with planning, everyone has a slightly different take on it.........


I just taught NVQ level 3 students and for those not already in a setting/ placement where planning to the EYFS was a natural normal thing they have struggled because I couldn't say THIS is the way it HAS to be done!!


If you can see progression and you can justify your decsions for your children I would see if any bits of the EYP's advice fit and if not get ready to explain why.........


Our mentor teacher has never seemed too thrilled with our planning, but we had an Ofsted in May...... with outstanding nursery education outcome. To me thats what matters ......

Sorry not that someone judged us outstanding, but that someone thought we were doing the right thing for the children during their time with us.


Am sure others will be along to tell you their thoughs too!!!

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Hi - I feel that as long as childrens learning journeys show their next step - and the next step is planned for either by key-person or through adult-initiated I think your planning will be fine. - We used to plan so much which was so adult initiated and we did not have the time in the session to respond to the learning the children were initiating - anyway, I am no expert, but I feel I know more about my key-person children since eyfs implimentation, and not so focused on SS.


Dot :o

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