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we are adding a performance area to our room. Our caretaker is going to make us s small stage we are going to have microphones, a stereo and dressing up clothes

Any other resource ideas would be welcome

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we had this last year following Xfactor. We had sparkly material as a backdrop with large laminate photos of the judges (google images!). We had all the things you have said and a few chairs for the audience (or to rest on when they got tired!). We had a few toy guitars and occassional some intruments but they did tend to 'clang and bang' them to within an inch of their lives!

The only other thing I would suggest is to make copies of your CD's as they do get scratched no matter how many times you show the children how to handle them so having your original safe will enable you to make back-ups.

Have fun and go for it

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Sounds like a great idea :o

A props box?

CD or tape player or kareoke machine?

A mini sort of 'dressing room' area, ie: one of those dressing tables with draws for jewelry, tiara's, face paints-to the side of the stage. see HERE


A curtain of ribboned seethrough material to walk through?


Love to see some pictures when you get it all set up. xD



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