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Hi all, just wondered if you could explain this system of observation to me. I am going to be observed by an early years team next week using this and just wondered what in particular they might me focusing on. Thanks Ger

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Hi Ger,

There are two ECERS documents; the original, ECERS-R which concentrates on the provision in terms of facilities, practice, procedures, etc and the ECERS-E which focuses on the curriculum areas.


The ECERS-R looks at things like snacktime, lunchtime, nap times (if appropriate), health and safety, the everyday "stuff"


ECERS-E looks at, for example, your provision for supporting a love of books, or investigative activities which might encourage an interest in the natural world, etc.


The format of the booklets your visitor will complete are quite hard to describe, but I'll have a go!


Each page looks at a particular topic, lets say, mealtimes. There are four columns and about four rows. The first column describes poor practice, and you would hope that the observer is able to answer "No" to each of the statements. For example, it might say something like "Practitioners do not engage with the children during mealtimes".


She then moves onto the other three columns which are headed "satisfactory", "good" and "outstanding". The observer moves through the statements, hopefully answering "Yes" to many of them (ie she has seen it happen at the time). When she cannot go any further, she stops, and that's the level your setting has reached. So, it may be in any of the columns.


The whole lot can be scored and used to give information to the LA about the range of quality of settings within the authority, or it can be used on an individual basis to give info. to you about how to plan any further improvements to your provision.


Gosh, I've just read this back, and I've no idea if it makes sense! :o

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I had this 'audit' in my preschool, it was carriedout by my early years advisory teacher and my area senco.


I found it a positive experience, so please don't feel like it is anything like an 'official' observation like an Ofsted Inspection. :o


Have a look at the ECERS siteHERE


Consider the experience as a 'free' consultancy service. xD:(



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