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Our school has had an after school club since Sep 07 and I managed the setting up and staffing of it whilst knowing nothing............. well, very little!!!


It opened at the same time as our private nursery provision and I manage that also.



1 adult to 8 children if children under 8 years old.


Over 8's do not count towards your numbers for ratio but you have to be aware that if for instance you had 10 of them you would need another pair of hands....... for practical reasons.


If you are within a school setting I am not sure what happens now re space etc......... before this Sep we were on school grounds, run by school and in a classroom but still had to be measured up by Ofsted re how many children we could be registered for.

We had a pre inspection visit to look at premises and for a suitable person interview (me, the manager)

Again not sure where you are setting up and how it will happen now because of the change of register.


If you have children from the early years in club you have to pay heed to the EYFS and planning.


You have to have policies, procedures, frst aid register, attendance register...................


Staff....... half should be qualified to level 3 I think

A level 3 can supervise.


We had been open 9 months when we had our first Ofsted and after school got all Goods.


If you want, please feel free to email re more specific questions!!


Hope this has been a bit of help, but do get in touch if I can help more!!

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