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For those of you who are in schools, can you describe the facilities in your suite please and are they appropriate for FS?

I have just inherited ICT coord role and have a suite which desparetley needs updating if only because everything is going wrong.

We are a small infant school and it must be attractive enough to get the ICT phobic reception teacher in there with her children as well as usable for KS1. At the moment ICT in school is very much an after thought and that profile needs to change.



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I think the important thing with children this age is that the computers have appropriate software and they are working and so is the printer. There is nothing more frustrating for young children than to complete some work only to find it won't print or to find the programme won't run on their computer. I always set up the computers before taking the children up to the suite so they just need to sit down and get on with the task.


I'm trying to resign as ICT coordinator so wish you lots of luck in your new role.


Sorry Susan our suite has 20 desktop PCs on worktops around two sides of the room these are linked to a laser printer. We also have 15 laptops which connect wirelessly to the internet and school network for printing. Everything is linked by a server which holds all available software.

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