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please can anyone help. I went to view a nursery last week and the head teacher stressed that they plan retrospectively. As the look round was done in a group, I didn't want to appear stupid by asking how this worked in practise, so can anyone please explain how it does work to me! How can planning be retrospective? seems to be a contradiction? or is it planning that is altered daily on the basis of what has happened?

Thanks for any replies

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:o Hi there,


Retrospective planning is what we do at my nursery too. Basically, we follow the children's ideas and interests, make observations and then write up the 'lesson plans' and put them into the planning file. I have always found forward planning for day to day activities very time consuming and more often than not something much more interesting and relevant to the children comes up and then you begin to feel under pressure to carry out something you had spent time planning for, which in actual fact is not always of such interest to the children.


We plan ahead for fixed events, visits and so on, but doing first then showing what we did has always worked for us.


Hope this helps!



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