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Cursive Fonts On The Computer


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I am interested to find out people's opinions on cursive fonts.

We have introduced cursive in our school and therefore when I am teaching the letters in Reception I am modelling cursive letter formation. However children get to see the text font when we read words on the IWB and on software programmes etc. When I write I model cursive writing at all times.


Not many sofware programmes include cursive font, even for letter formation. What do you think about blending and segmenting activities - is it OK for the text font to be displayed ? I think that it is as obviously children do not often read cursive. If children are segmenting to spell then it could be useful for them to see cursive letters that they would write, but as they are not writing surely this does not matter. This will help deciding the type of resources I make for my IWB.

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Which cursive script are you talking about?


I talk to the children about letters for reading and letters for writing and as we use continuous cursive, they are very different.

I think you are right to model cursive writing when you write for the children and this is the philosophy behind cursive scripts such as Cripps "A hand for spelling" which are more similar forms.

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