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Morton Michel Insurance organised a debate between the Editor of their ChildCarer e-newsletter, Ruth Pimentel (National Director, EYFS) and Wendy Scott (Early Years Consultant)


It covers the thinking and controversies behind EYFS, what's good and bad about it, the impact on practitioners and more!


You can find it here:





Interesting stuff!




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As you say, extremely interesting! I'm not sure that all the questions posed were particularly well structured - some seemed very woolly - but the debate and answers are very interesting, aren't they? Thanks for that! :o

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very interesting

to add about the language and literacy development debate


i teach in a mixed catchment school reception and was extremely pleased about how letters and sounds was introduced last year not perfect but some exceptional development from the more able children, but i still had a large group struggling with the hearing and writing of the 26 alphabet sounds never mind 44

this year on reflection of last i noticed i probably spent more time on language activities than ever before and some of my spontaneous planning and flexibility of activities disappeared

i dont know if i could keep up the now expected outcomes and still keep true to myself in what i want the children to experience

performance management has added extra pressure of reaching a target most with a statistic and i am feeling after 20 years the pressure of juggling everything eyfs profiles observations learning journeys quality teaching and learning


am i alone in all these or are others feeling the pressure to perform too

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