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Thought I'd share photo's of an interactive wall display I did last year at my preschool, based on rockets and mathematical / positional language.


All you need is rocket shaped card, string, drawing pins and display board. The children enjoyed moving the rockets along the strings or pegging the numbered rockets in sequence 1-5 or countdown 5,4,3,2,1. whilst staff encouraged the use of the language.








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Peggy I love your ideas, they really are great.


I have used you fish ideas -mackeral and herring in the water tray and also for sketching.

Lifesize models with the childrens photos, -dangling from the ceiling now.

Made little laminated models of the children for the doll's house and castle.

Wet sand in the tights, just to name a few.


Thanks so much

I was looking for ideas for interactive displays so that has got me thinking.

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Your welcome Ger, maybe I should write that book.......... :(


Andreamay, sorry to hear about your 'pinging' drawing pins, maybe I was fortunate that the display boards where made of a thick chipboard which helped the pins stay in place. Maybe you could try staples? :o Or scew in mini cup hooks? xD



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