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It featured the High School where our kids go when they leave us!


Most of it was totally impractical and apparently a lot of it has had to be changed but it was interesting. Just a shame the kids they brought in didn't really represent the school. All the really able kids!

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Oh, sorry I missed it now, is it available on the net I wonder.


Actually I was thinking of ways to try and get them to my house, we are planning to swap our kitchen for office/utility, and move our kitchen to where our office is now.


A huge task that I wouldn't mind the 60 minute makeover team to start for us.


Know what you mean about selective representatives, I went to my friends sons special school harvest festival 'show' yesterday, my friends complaint was that a particularly able girl ALWAYS gets the main singing, narrating parts in school productions and it would be nice if others got the chance to 'star'



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Apparently, after speaking to a friend who knows closely someone that works there, the parents weren't told about the makeover, only 3 staff members knew so the kids that were there were kids whose parents had taken up the offer of a Saturday trip put on by the LEA (a lie, the tv company paid for it).

It is available online on ITVs catch up service apparently, though a few friends have had trouble watching it.


As for representation, our school plays are always inclusive, a great example would be when we did Cinderella back in 2005. We had 5 different Cinderellas (1 in each of the 5 scenes) and they included PMLD, ASD, SLD old and young, all wearing the same costume so it was obvious which character was who even if one had ginger hair and walked unaided and another had dark brown hair in a wheelchair! The same was done with Prince Charming etc.

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