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Hello everyone,


I'm doing celebrations afetr half term and I was wondering if anybody has any ideas of what I could turn my role play corner into please? I was thinking of making it into a birthday party for the first week back then changing it to suit Diwali when we do Diwali the following week? What do you think? Thank you!

Tash X

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I must admit I find it really difficult to suggest ideas linked to such an ambiguous theme, there is so much that could be construed as 'celebration'. Also difficult without knowing your rationalle for introducing this idea to the children. How does this topic embrace the childrens interests or current identified learning needs? Can this be your starting point?


Are any of your children currently celebrating anything in particular?


If you do a search of the forum there are some ideas for the Festival of Diwali.


Sorry not much help. :o



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We're also doing Celebrations. The first week is focussed on bonfire night so our role play is based on getting ready for bonfire night - what do we need to wear? Choosing suitable clothing. Mark making - firework pictures on black paper, making a list of fireworks seen, making a list of clothes needed. PSE - taking care of pets, making sure they are left inside

The following 2 weeks we are doing birthdays linked to kipper's birthday so the children will be planning a birthday party and decorating the homecorner for a party - creating banners, birthday cards, badges, stickers etc... Make and wrap presents. They will then celebrate the birthday. We then move into Christmas and think about the home at Christmas time, decorate it accordingly and role play Christmas day. (We don't have a major focus on diwali until year 2!) We will be thinking about a different Hindu festival but have no plans of integrating this into the role play area - our children find role play linked to things they know about hard enough - goodness knows what they'd be like with something they are just learning about!


I hope this helps a little bit :o

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