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As a foundation unit we are lucky enough to have been given some money from the school association to buy some books for the classroom. I have managed to find a few examples of 'core book lists', but am also convinced I have previously seen a list of books to stimulate outdoor play, such as Edward goes exploring and jasper's beanstalk.


Does anyone know where I can find a list like this? I would also be interested to see anyone elses list of core books to see how it compares to what I have got...


Thank-you in advance




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Ah now I have looked again at my list I realise it is more grouped into themes - transferrable to outside though! heres a selection:

Treasure Hunt - A Ahlberg

We're going on a lion Hunt - D Axtell

The Feather - D Cleeve

The Elephant Tree - P Dale

Billy's Bucket - K Gray

Out and About throughout the Year - Shirley Hughes

Harry and the bucket full of dinosaurs - I Whybrow

Camping Out - H Amery

Hiding - S Hughes

Hope that is of some help :o

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We have outdoor bags in themes e.g. windy day one has things you could do on a windy day (windmills, bubbles etc) and also books e.g The Windy Day, Book on Weather. Another one is on minibeasts that includes different dressing up outfits (bee, butterfly, ladybird) some masks, minibeasts for hiding etc and different books on minibeasts. We find that they work really well and are easy to source at short notice and have visual aids to support the theme/idea.


Depends what sort of play you are trying to stimulate?



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