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Hi all


I have been invited to lead a session on assessment in the FS during an assessment inset day that we have coming up. I would like to show a video clip for my colleagues to have a go at an observation and then match to e profile scale points. I have found a couple of clips on the national assessment agency website but was wondering if anyone knew of any others I could download?


Also, have I missed something??? :o Is this kind of assessment going to be used in the rest of the school in time?


Will they need 3 bits of evidence for each national curriculum statement? Or will they have a clearer expectation on paperwork?


Thank you in advance

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There's a booklet and DVD called "Seeing Steps in Children's Learning" published by QCA - order ref. QCA/05/1546 - telephone number for orders as stated on the booklet is 08700 606015.


The DVD has a number of clips of children of different ages, you might find something on there?

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