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I know this thread is probably on here somewhere but i cant find one so...

Although i have found a number of ideas for harvest assemblies none seem suitable for a nursery and reception class.


Im looking for a story, poem, song, anything to base a small part in an assembly (prob 10 mins). Any help, websites etc will be gratefully received!


x x x

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Hi, this is an idea I've 'borrowed' from our music co-ordinator.

why don't you sing...


Here we go round the 'chestnut tree', the chestnut tree

the 'chestnut tree'

all the conkers fell on me, on a cold and misty morning!


each verse change the type of tree and fruit/nut and accompany this with associated picture or even paper mache models!

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Guest Sycamore

Hi I have used this in the past.

To the tune of What shall we do with drunken sailor....


What have you brought to our harvest table (x3)

come put it on our table


I (or we) have bought a loaf of bread (X3)

to put on the harvest table


repeat for as many different objects as you like!


End with

We'd like to share our harvest table (x3)


(I can't remember the last line tho, so over to you to make one up!!)


Have a harvest table ready and real or paintings of the objects sung about.


This can go on as long as you like!

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If you look on the www.bigeyedowl.co.uk they have lots of rhymes and songs for harvest, also the assemblies.org.uk has lots of ideas for harvest assemblies. If you can get hold of someone who has the Scholastic early years bank. There are lots of ideas in their.


Good luck! :D

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