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Hi i am an nqt taken on the role of rec teacher in a school that has no field nd the outdor area which is used for playtimes by all year groups so everything has to be packed away. My one and only shed is so crammed with bikes and cars (the only outdoor provision they had) that i have to store everything in my class and it is not continuous and the kids cannot access it ind. I have asked for shelves etc outside but am not allowed because of health and safety so if any one on this amazing forum has any ideas please chip in x

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No shelves outside because of health and safety??????????


WEAK excuse!!!!!!!


Perhaps you should show your powers that be a copy of the EYFS to point out that you REALLY need to be providing this outdoor classroom...........


Our reception just got a piece of the larger playground fenced off for free flow access and it has made a world of difference to staff and children.

They do take stuff out daily but more because that area is at the front of the school and its likely that things would be stolen as they are in full view!


Good luck and keep on pushing!!!!


You know what is right and what your children need!!

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