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Morning all.


I am very new to the foundation degree (4 weeks in) and know that my current reading matter isn't going to get me through this course!!!!

(I am talking fiction to escape off into!!)


I have bought some books.. used tips on here from folks who have already done/ started their degree and the rest of the books on the reading lists for these early modules I have borowed or reserved from the library.


I also know I need to be using a wider source for materials........ which journals would you suggest?


Any places on line that have been SO fantastic I really should take a peek??????????


Any thoughts would be VERY gratefully received!!!!!


Thank you. :o

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I've just been looking at the Sightlines Initiative site [Reggio] because I haven't looked in ages. There's some brilliant stuff on there, especially under 'reports' where I found a great slide show.




should get you there.

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Hi there

firstly congrats on starting foundation degree, thats the first step! I have just started second year and although I cannot say it was easy, it was very interesting and informative and your practice will definately be influenced by everything you learn!

For journals I subscribe to Early Years Educator which I find very useful and relevant as it goes that little more in depth than say Nursery World, discussing a different theory or philosophy each month and has focused articles for all sorts of settings. Also, make sure you subscribe as a student for your discounted membership as you are now a student! (don't need NUS card to prove you are either)

I wouldn't personally buy too many books as my course varied the reading list for each module and by vary I mean totally vary! so really use and abuse your library account with whoever you are studying with also your local library may sometimes have a few relative books depending on the size of the library. However I have used second hand Amazon and eBay to bag some bargains such as Tina Bruce's book

Finally as Peggy has already said use Teachernet for relevant publications and google for research publications- some very frequent handy ones to have on your computer include EPPE, REPEY, SPEEL, many of the DfES/DCFS research projects but will add any more as I think of them- cannot think of many off the top of my head because I've got MTV on in the background distracting me lol

Teachers TV is good for videos, the Guardian and TES have quite interesting articles for referencing recent issues and make sure you bookmark websites such as ECM, Letters and Sounds, DCFS, CREC, EYFS etc as they are all pretty up to date and relevant to a lot


hope that helps but please don't worry about accumulating a mass of textbooks as they will probably sit around for periods as can become irrelevant to module and are blooming heavy to lug around! lol :o

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