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I am going to ask staff to create a shiny heuristic play basket for our 3 and 4 year olds to explore. Does anyone have suggestions of what to put in it? :oxD:(

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In ours

We have small glass lided shiney canistors .One with rice in. One with pasta, the tops firmly glued on . We have a whisk ,spoons,bunch keys,small box wrapped in foil.

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I've seen people use those shiny tin foil things that they wrap round people when they've run the Marathon, to stop hypothermia - you can buy them really cheaply in camping shops or on eBay.


I've just found this website which might be useful too...




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I've got those plus

a short length of chunky chain (sold by length in Wilkinsons)

a set of small sieves

a shiny pan scourer

a safety mirror

a small handbell

a set of wristbells

a small mirror-ball Xmas decoration

a sealed pot of large shiny sequins

a piece of sequin fabric

a piece of shiny silver satin

a gold star from the top of the Xmas tree

a ball made from scrunched tin foil

a silver parcel ribbon and bow

and a piece of foil wrapping paper



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Hi, do children have access to the play baskets throughout the session, or do you have a specific time for the children to explore the objects? mrsW

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We have a shiny basket, a natural basket ( fir cone,wooden spoon,coconut,ball of wisby string,conkers,wooden egg cups,a long tube container made of rope with a bell in it from a pet shop ,cant think what esle, I am at home! )

A colurful basket (squeeze balls,ribbons,chiffon scarves, coloured pet play things ect)

They are well used by the children, on a shelf ,they can get them down when the children want them

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