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Targets In Reception


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My school is involved in a pilot scheme for assessment at the moment and is heavily based on targeting for both the class and groups. Classes display learning objectives and plan how to achieve success criteria together. I have adapted this approach as best as I can for my reception year group with a working wall which charts our topics progress during the term, what we want to learn and how we got there. I have now been asked to identify a class target for numeracy for the year and literacy targets for the term and display them on the wall. I seem to be going round in circles as I seem to remember being told by the early years team that we should not be setting class targets in reception. Can anyone help me as I really am getting bogged down with the whole thing and dont's know what I should do. Bearing in mind that the reception children can not yet read it makes me wonder who we are doing it for. Any ideas would be very gratefully received.

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Also going through this as we head towards trying to gain investors in pupils status!


I agree with you in terms of how meaningful these are to Rec children but it seems to be a growing trend / expectation!


I have decided to approach targets in a general way, making them as wide as possible. So, our numeracy target is:


Make sure I count properly every time - this means when we count out loud (correct order) and when we count objects (good 1:1 correspondence. Th is target applies to all children, irrespective of how many they can currently count up to


Literacy is:


To recognise the letter sounds we have done in class. - satpin and ckgmod etc. Again this target applies to the set being done by different abilities of children, some still need a lot of over learning with set 1 and some are well on with set 3.


The children have been told these targets are to help them learn more and become even better at school. Hope this is of use. Let me know if you need any more info, Jenni

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I think it would be really hard to set class targets.

No matter how or what you teach the children some will get it, some wont, therefore at times these targets would not be met.

Does that then make them not reaching the standard expected? Likewise some will gain beyond the targets.

Surely all children should be allowed to work towards a level that is acheivable for them, they don't all fit under one umbrella.



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Thanks Jenni. I can't see how I'm going to get out of this one and so I suspect keeping the targets as generalised as possible is probably the best option.


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