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We have always done our staff rotas the week before for the following week offering staff flexible hours, not set hours, we are finding this way of working a nightmare with the rotas taking hours each week to complete, trouble is we have so many part time staff.


Can anyone give me any tips on staff rotas. Someone I spoke to recently say they have 2 set shifts early start early finish late start late finish, How can we make sure we have enough staff either end of the day? Does the Manager cover at certain times?

Does anyone have a rota I can look at please x

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The Room Seniors in my nursery work the rotas out for their own rooms, they then give it to me and I put it on a master one. It works really well as they know when their busiest times are and staff accordingly, I also move staff around if one room has more staff than is needed (obviously bearing in mind the KPA). Admittedly most of my staff work a 40 hour week, as I said it works really well and takes about 10 mins. I ask the Seniors to get their rota's to me by Wed afternoon at the very latest!

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