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I have been teaching in a reception class for a few years now and loved the FS booklets. Yes they took a long time but I took great pride in giving parents not only lots of detailed information about their progress but also a really personal report relevent to each child and a keepsake for the parents.


My question is: Are they stiill available as a hard copy for me to add photos, childrens pics and my information? I can only seem to find 2007/2008? I know they are baing phased out in 2009 but I just wanted one more year before I use the e profile only!


If not then I guess I will create my own version!



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Hi clareybaker,

like you, I used to use the booklets to add photographs and write information in for parents, and hand them over at the end of their school year.

Now the booklets are no longer available I have made my own, not as colourful as the original but I'll add a few pages of photos.


If you want to see what I've done, just type a search in, my booklets, and you should find them.

I'm not using eprofile, I know many do, but I prefer to do the booklets.


Hope this is of some help,



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When you search just search for the word "booklets" then it should find it, you'll see "my booklets" with a little attachment sign beside, hope this helps


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