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under the new EYFS requirements it states that


Each child should have their own bed linen, flannel, and hairbrush if they are used (these may be provided by parents or providers). Sleeping children should be frequently checked.


How do other settings manage for each child to have their own flannel. We use a flannel at lunchtimes to wash the children's faces and then put it in the wash. They don't have their own specific 'named' flannel.


Also, how do you store your bed linen? Do you keep it on their individual pegs or what. Again we tend to use and wash.

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I think the issue is hygiene, preventing cross contamination while giving children the chance to be independent hence the labelling


its making sure that things are used exclusivly by the same child and stored so that you know whose sheets, blankets and flannels are whose between uses, but I would have thought the statment is there so that you can reuse items over the course of the day rather than creating a washing pile, Im not sure that means each child must have their own exclusive set just that you dont reuse the same flannel/sheets on more than one child.


as for storage if the children have got a peg, possibly hang a labelled PE type bag for their blankets and stuff?

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we have a baby room & a toddler room where we provide flannels which I purchased from a pound shop - 6 for £1.50p. In the baby room each baby has a plastic pot to store their beakers and dummies in we keep their flannel for the day in there and it is washed at the end of their session. In the toddler room we use one of the storage containers that you can hang up which could be used for shoes etc - each child has there own named pocket to store their individual flannel which we label with velcro stickers depending on who is in each day. Again flannels are washed at the end of each childs session. This is very useful because you can take it outside or to a different room.

RE: the sheets - each child in the baby room has a plastic box where we keep their individual linen provided by us for the week it is then washed on their last session of the week. If linen is soiled it is washed and replaced as is needed. For the toddlers we use drawstring bags which have been donated to us to store the linen required for individual children and this is stored on their own pegs. Again all linen is washed at the end of the childs sessions.

hope this is some use to you.


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