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A friends child started in a school nursery class in September, she's been in to help a few times and has now been asked if she would like to help on a more regular basis, still as a volunteer. Her concern is that none of the nursery staff have any early years qualifications. The lady in charge is a 'higher level teaching assistant', she's assisted by a former teacher, who taught in a secondary school, a former nurse, not a nursery nurse, and one unqualified assistant. There is a Foundation Stage Coordinator but she teaches the reception class and doesn't spend much time in the nursery if any at all. My friends other concern is that the children are not allowed to play, the sessions are very structured and the children have to follow quite a rigid routine. She has spoken to the headteacher who has assured her that the staff are more than capable to do their job. She isn't reassured and she's withdrawing her child because she's just not happy, but wants to know if she should take it further?



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Hi - I thought in a nursery class attached to a school - there has to be a fully qualified teacher, along with level 3 staff. The new EYFS does stipulate the qualifications staff need to have. It would be good practice for all staff to be working towards a recognised qualification for the benefit of the children - understanding child development is a big part of putting EYFS into practice, looks as though she is correct to be concerned :o

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I work in a nursery attached to a school and dot is right it has to be a teacher and a level 3 member of staff who work in there.


This is stated in the new EYFS but in most places a LA "rule" too.


I am wondering if the former teachers qualification is being taken as obviously the higher teaching qualification?


A HLTA is a level 4


However a HLTA DOES NOT have training in child development etc and may have no previous knowledge of children this age!!!!!!!!!!


Half of the remianing staff should be qualified.


The nurses qualification is also being added in to the mix and so it seems you have got lots of qualifications just not the right ones!!!


I would take it further........... a rigid structure is not what nursery is about and no play......................... don't get me started there!!!!


Good luck :o

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Well I've ploughed through the EYFS, requirements state a 'school teacher', it doesn't specify Nursery Teacher, with at least one other member of staff (preferably level 3 or foundation trained HLTA), or one school teacher and one member of staff holding full and relevant level 3, or one school teacher and three members of staff, two of whom hold a full and relevant level 3.

Personally as a parent my biggest issue would be with the children being made to follow a strict routine where play is a reward for learning, once my friend's son wasn't allowed to play until he could write 1 - 10 correctly, in order. Admittedly some parents love a formal learning environment, even in pre-school we've been asked when we are going to start giving out homework, but I love the chaos of a room full of children playing and doing 'mad scientist experiments', which is our children's current favourite.


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Just a gut reaction - who do they think they are ??


Have they rewritten, or are they piloting, a new EYFS??


A rigid routine is a complete no-no. I would withdraw my child. Further, I would make a formal complaint and query qualifications....... but I'm a perfectionist .

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