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Does anyone know what the number in order to claim back money for milk in early years settings also can anyone let me know what the amount is you can claim?

Im in the essex area.

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Nursery Milk Scheme




P O Box 504

Leicester LE94 0AE

Tel 0844 991 4444

fax 0844 991 1999

e-mail nurserymilk@MRM.co.uk


'You may only claim reimbursement for the milk actually purchased for supply to children in your care. You may be required to produce records or other documentary evidence to support claims for reimbursement.'

'The nursery scheme enables children under 5 to receive free of charge 189 ml (1/3 pt) milk each day they attend approved day care facilities for 2 hours or more. babies aged under 12months may instead receive infant formula made up to 189 ml (1/3 pt)'


Hope this helps!

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Hi, I'm also in Essex


The contact number on my current sheets is 08207 203055, which I have dated till Nov 09, however I have also recieved new sheets which give the contact nember as 0844 991 4444 as LJW. Why not try both? On the old sheets we have to put how many children have milk at each session and how much we paid for it, on the new sheets we don't have to record the number of children having milk which makes it simpler



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