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Has anyone been on any training about East Sussex's new part of their SIMS Assessment Manager package for Foundation Stage? I went on training and I'm not sure it does much different from the eprofile - and I like the eprofile! The East Sussex one looks more spreadsheety / officey - less colorful and user friendly and it will take me time to get speedy with using it. I'm tempted to stay with the eprofile, but I wondered if anyone else had decided differently. I'm meeting with the East Sussex people tomorrow and I'm going to have more of a chat with them about it. Are there any huge significant gaps or problems with the eprofile that I might have forgotten about / not noticed? If so, I could see if this alternative is better...

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I must admit that, since I stopped working for Birmingham Schools IMS Support earlier this year, I haven't had a chance to see what has emerged in SIMS for the Foundation Stage, though I was involved in talking with SIMS about what was required.


The main advantage of recording things in the main management system used in a school is that pupil data doesn't have to be re-entered and that pupil achievements, once recorded, provide a complete view of the progress of the pupil as they move through and beyond the Foundation Stage. It also means that various managers within the school can see what progress is being made both at class and individual pupil level.


Hope that helps a bit!!




John R

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