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Focus Observations - How Many?


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Ok, my leg is still black and blue after being kicked last week, but my little ones are just about starting to settle in now, so my mind is turning to all this paperwork I'm supposed to be doing. Fine with the planning now, have post-its coming out of my ears and with only 10 YR children in the class I do feel that we are getting to know them very well, but to keep the powers that be happy, how many focus observations are you planning on doing with each child over the course of a week/term? I have a set of scrap books raring to go, have taken tonnes of photos (although not had time to print them off yet!)but realistically, with 20 x Y1/2s to take care of in the same class, I can't see how I'm going to spread myself that thinly in terms of observations. I have a fab TA, but my other TAs come and go for an hour here and an hour there, and most of their time is taken up with supporting two little boys with very unpredictable behaviour issues to make sure the other children are safe.

I'm banking on 1 a week per child in terms of filling in learning journey type forms, although but haven't started yet. Do you think this is unrealistic/nowhere near enough/just right?!

Thanks in advance,

Tracylu :o

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