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Hi all.


Am having a travel agents in my role-play area for the next few weeks in school but in the past it has not been very inspiring for the children. I already provide a pretend computer, brochures, till, tickets, posters, desk and writing equipment etc, but was wondering if anyone had used anything different in their setting. Would be grateful of any ideas as am planning now ready for next week.


Thanks in advance



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We had an airport alongside travel agents so chn. booked their holiday then packed their suitcases and flew on an aeroplane (chairs and cardboard box).

We chose different items to put into suitcases depending upon location of holiday etc.

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We had a beach scene running alongside our Travel Agents. Had a parasol and picnic things and pebbles for counting and sorting & a sand tray (think it's a builders tray really) for hiding and finding fish & for doing sand letters. They also had the parachute out and managed to make themselves a boat. It really worked well for the children that wanted to write/sort etc and for those that wanted to dress up and play their own little game. I found that the Travel Agents on it's own didn't have quite the same appeal as it did until I added the beach scene.


Lucky you doing this - mine loved it and I look forward to doing it all over again!


Janice :o

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Not really specific to a travel agents.

How ever a good site to get planning cards from for sand, water, malleable play, role play corners etc is




I downloaded them last year and printed them and they save alot of work as they have linked stepping stones and elgs to the areas as well and give suggestions for activities and resources.

Only downside is that i had to reformat them to get them to print onto A4.



Hope it helps



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