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Spporting Transition Into Mixed Y1/2 Classes


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In our school we have 3 mixed Year 1/2 classes and although I'm being told that our old F2 children are bright and good at writing the staff just don't seem to be able to manage them alongside the Y2 children.


I know of lots of single year classes in other schools where they give children Independent Learning and shorter, more practial tasks to help with the transition but we just don't seem to be able to work out how staff can do that alongside teaching the Year 2s.


The classes don't have TAs in the afternoon so although they have a shared area where some children can play they haven't got staff to work in it! The children are finding it very hard to cope and it's affecting their behaviour and I can see staff becoming more stressed and less nurturing which isn't good for them or the children.


Has anyone got any bright ideas?...please?!

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Sorry Kaloufl, no bright ideas here as we had mixed yr1/2 classes last year with ability groups for literacy and numeracy and it didnt work at all well. Behaviour went down hill fast with staff morale following.


We have been able to return to single aged classes this year and it is evident that the now yr2s have a lot of catching up to do. Ive taken my January Reception class into yr 1 and they are giving me some lovely work and although I am interspersing everything with lots of play because the rooms are not too well equipped for that, they are noticing the difference.


There are some mixed age group teachers amongst us who may be able to offer more help. Hope they come along soon!

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Thanks Susan


The staff are very anti ability groups for lit and num and feel it will disrupt the children too much. Has anyone had a good experience of it?

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