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Hi can I just someone if they could kindly share some of their reception/year 1 planning with me or put in a link so I can see some examples of it.

Also has anyone the time to please tell me how your room is set up and what different areas you have - eg is it set up as in reception with all areas.


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I was just logging on to see if there was any Rec/Year 1 planning ideas too. At the moment I'm doing 2 lots of planning for Literacy/CLLD and Numeracy/PSRN. I'm sure this isn't an efficient way of doing it, but don't know what to to to ensure all EYFS and Nat curric objectives are being covered.


Regarding areas, I have the classroom set up exactly as I would a reception class, but try ro give the Year 1s a bit more challenge and structure.


Hope this helps



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Try this site - hope link works! Have looked at it myself and theres no easy way to plan for the mix - I been trying for 3 years! A lot depends on the ability of the children I tend to plan for Y1 and differentiate down knowing what my medium term objectives are for the Reception children - not ideal I know but has worked for me up to now. I'm not sure about the English as it is much easier to work out from the units in new framework. Look on htat site 2 as there as some helpful hints


Good luck and if you find anyhting let me know :o



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I notice you're in Lancashire, Gwen - there's a school on the Fylde which runs a very successful mixed age YR/Y1 unit and welcome visitors to discuss planning etc. I can't remember where exactly, but if you contact Ann on the early years team via the lancs website, she'll point you in the right direction I'm sure. There's also a leading FS teacher in Bolton by Bowland who has the full YR/1/2 mix, is open to observations, and was able to start me off on the right train of thought with regards to planning. I think there's a school in Newburgh that has YR/1 too.

As for the planning, I plan Y1/2 together at the moment, then add appropriate YR focus sessions where appropriate as if they are another "ability" group on my literacy/numeracy plans. Sometimes they join in whole class mental starters for maths, and they're just starting to be able to listen to whole class stories - but sometimes the text is a bit beyond them as I'm having to challenge a quite able bunch of Y2s. This is also the case for my lower ability group of Y1s - sometimes the Y1/2 teaching is a step too far for them, so although they are written into my planning, their focus activities and taught sessions might take place at a different point in the day. I quite like to get Y2 to myself for short inputs at their level, they still benefit from the CP on offer in the classroom, though usually access it in a more directed way. I also have a Y1/2 class novel that's a bit beyond the YR children. YR have their own daily story either with me or one of the TAs, sometimes altogether, or sometimes in 2s / 3s.

For other subjects, sometimes YR can manage a short whole class input session, and some choose to do so as it might be rooted in an area of interest for them.

I keep a separate plan for any YR focus activities and adapt the Durham plans for CP - all a bit onerous at the moment, but I'm hoping to be able to use my Y1/2 plans again as a starting point next year, just changing texts, etc. so should find it easier then.

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