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Dear all,


I have my first performance management next Friday and I was just wondering what its all about?

I asked my head what I need to do (if anything) and she said not to worry about it, but i'd still like to know what i'm in for. What will I be asked/ expected to say? To I have to say my strengths and weaknesses? Set targets?



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Guest tinkerbell

Don't worry if that is what your head has said ,it will be an agreed chat about what you are doing and where you are going.


In my school we tend to have 3 targets for the year and one of them is a whole school target...it has been improving writing...perhaps one for you to develop eg if you are a co-ordinator or develop the new EYFS in school which may involve you looking at policies ,giving training ,staff meetings ,parents evening etc.

Think about what you will be doing anyway and try tie it in don't give yourself extra work because in a year you will be talking about how you have met your target....you may have an intrim meeting to see how things are going later on in the year.

Keep a folder with your evidence throughout the year.


The head will also timetable in when she will be observing your teaching linked to the targets.


Don't worry it should be relaxed.



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Hi, I hope you are not worried too much. I had my first performance management last year after working within a school for 11 years! I am a nursery nurse and changed schools, in the past my last school never did performance management on nursery nurses but this one does!

I was given a date when i would be observed, this had to be workingt with a group of children doing a focused activity or story. I had to have my planning on the table along with my focused activity aims objectives etc.

I briefly explained beforehand to the teacher what the activity was and then handed her the planning to look at.

Afterwards i was interviewed for 10 to 15 mins where she gave me feedback to how i had done. This was all wrote down on a specific form which she gave to me to look at.

I then had to decide what i was going to do within the next year to improve our settinge ie nursery. I chose writing as this was a weak area when i joined the team. I then was asked to choose an area of learning for 6 children and say how i was going to improved their targets. eg colours and shapes for 6 children who were below average to get them to average. Then i had to choose an area for myself to develop eg ICT skills.

You then have to collect evidence of how you have done all these tasks over the 12months ie by photos, displays, copy of childrens work, activities.

I had know idea just like you and i was so worried. I just hope i have got enough evidence when my next performance management is due.

Good luck im sure you will be fine. I will be thinking of you.

0258 x x :o

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