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It has been suggested that the children in my school design greeting cards to be sold at our Autumn Fayre. The design needs to be bright and colourful on A4 paper, as later the chosen designs will be scanned and printed onto glossy cards. The theme is Season's greetings and must be suitable for Christmas and Eid. We have been asked to steer away from religious designs (baby Jesus etc). Any medium can be used. I teach Reception and am stuck for ideas. One class may draw islamic patterns, another may take their inspiration from the local country - camels, desert, roman ruins etc.


I am flummoxed. Can only think of Christmas trees and presents?


Hope there is some inspiration out there.



(only 9 days in to new year and already lost for interesting ideas)

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I have to confess I have no idea. One of my little chaps found it on Google Images and it is our preschool screen saver in the winter!!


It looks like they have used brushes and very thick paint. To make a thick flexible paint use powder paint and PVA glue, gut remember to clean brushes afterwards!! :o

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Hi Shiny,


Last year our preschoolers designed their own Christmas cards, they drew with pencils and coloured pencils only.

We asked them to draw whatever they wanted but did have a selection of bought cards, books and pictures for them to use as reference and inspiration.

They drew reindeers, christmas trees, snowmen, presents, angels, father christmas's, stars, etc..

It worked really well they were all scanned onto a pc by one of our parents and printed out on a home printer using nice card.

We sold them all!!

Hope this helps,


em x

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