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I'm posting 2 activities we're done as part of our Elmer themed weeks as they worked really well


I had a box of summer fruits in my freezer that needed using.I think i bought them cheap when tesco had them on for £1.I put them in the black tray still frozen with a selection of plastic elephants.They were there all day and gradually defrosted and the berry juice was used to colour the elephants.



They went in the water tray at the end of the session and scrubbed clean :o

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The second activity is pattern pegging


Elephant shapes cut from patterned paper and laminated with brightly coloured pegs.I tied string around a tables legs and secured with a bit of cellotape so it wouldn't shift.We had some pattern sequencing and fine manipulation going on.


I'm going to repeat this activities with other sets of cards as it worked well.

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