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I used towork in a nursery but after many issues I managed to gte myself another job with my local Council. The job was full time over the summer and is now part time.


However, I get bored very easily and plan to get married in two years so figured that a full time job would be better suited for me.


I have an application for a playgroup leader, a teaching assistant and a nursery nurse, both in a school.


I hold a degree in Early Years but I have no formal training around the EYFS and I don't really want this to go against me.


I have some knowledge of it but not much, so how different is it? I previosly worked with 3 to 5 year olds so have a good graps of B23 and the FS.


PS the nursery staff at my last setting still haven't received any training so it training compulsary or just recommended

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First of all you need to go and get the new EYFS pack. It is pretty much more or less the same as the FS however you just need to be aware of some changes in language and there is a shift to a more observational planning rather than lots of rigid planning up front. They EYFS is new for everyone and I am sure there will still be courses running and these should be offered free of charge by your local authority. Me and a colleague went on our EYFS course and it was our job to feed back / effectively train the rest of the team on it so I really cant see it being that big of a problem. So long as you have regard for it, know there are some changes but say that you will need some help with being brought up to date on it i am sure your new employer wont mind.


Good luck

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Hi SazzJ! In my authority, a basic course about the EYFS framework is compulsory for all early years practitioners but that may be different in your area. As others have said, if you have a good working knowledge of B23 and FS then you're well on the way beacuse basic principles and themes haven't changed, they've just maybe been emphasised more.


Get hold of the pack as soon as you can and have a good browse. I would say that a good place to start would be the Principles into Practice cards because the statements and principles on there should be underlying everything that you do with children and families. None of it is "rocket science" in my mind, just good common sense and high quality practice - but reading the cards will bring issues and ideas into your mind and help you think about possible questions at the interviews.


Good luck! Give us a shout if you have any more questions...and let us know how you get on! :o


Oooh, and I agree about the being prepared to undertake EYPS training. Have a look at the CWDC website for more information.



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I have the pack already and have already worked losely with it as I undertook the Early Years Professional Status but couldn't complete it for a few reasons


I do understand it but just wanted to make sure that I hadn't missed anything major out


I really want to work in a school and so if I get an interview I will be shouting for more help lol


So thanks

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