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hello there,


just wonderin if anyone can help? I unfortunately missed the eyfs training in school as i was moved from R to Y3 and now have returned to nursery and ive noticed these incredible learning journeys in my daughters private day nursery and my friend/teacher at another school says they use them in foundation.....il get to my point ha ha - are these 'incredible learning journeys' meant to be called this? or can they be called anything? are we meant to be doing these now or can any form of ongoing obs/assessments/childrens work be kept any way we like? feel like ive missed out on the training and that im missing some vital info! thanks

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If you have time to "surf" I think learning journeys, learning journals, learning diaries have been discussed on lots of posts on this site!!


I think you can call them what you want, and it appears you can use them how you want!


We recently started a learning diary for each child, and have bought the plastic folders that have built in plastic pockets.


We are adding pieces of "work" and photographs as we go and anotating as we go.


I know some people are using scrap books.


I think if you have seen a lovely example, tweak it a little to suit your settings needs!!

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