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Renewed Framework?!?! Please Help!


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Ok, I'm new to Reception. Does the renewed framework apply to us? If so, how can i access the plans for reception? How do I know what I need to teach my children for lit and num and when i need to tecah it?!?!?


I would really appreciate any help!!!


Thank you

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hi susie,


are you on your own and started with your class Monday?


Framework as in EYFS?


SORRY NOT A TEACHER just a little childminder but even i am working with EYFS?


Sorry not understamnding your question but hope my post will alert some1 to help you xxx


good luck and welcome x

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the new framework is there as guidance to help support your planning and compliments the early year foundation stage

have u looked on the standards site at it as it really does show you clearly the expectations and how you encorporate in your planning if anything it is not as complicated as the old literacy numeracy frameworks where it included txt level word level objectives too




there are 12 strands with objectives for each strand for example for listening these are the objectives

1 Enjoy listening to and using spoken and written language and readily turn to it in play and learning

2 Use talk to organise, sequence and clarify thinking, ideas, feelings and events

3 Use language to imagine and recreate roles and experiences

4 Speak clearly and audibly with confidence and control and show awareness of the listener

5 Extend their vocabulary, exploring the meanings and sounds of new words


if u look online there are lots of documents that give examples of using it cumbria ngfl is a good site for maths with assesment for learning activitties there


i wouldnt worry too much susie but concentrate on EYFS if you new to reception and also the leters and sounds document to support your phonics


hope this helps

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p.s. susie i would contact your early years advisory service and maybe meet up with an experienced early years teacher

the early years is a complex stage with lots of recent initiatives come into practice. It also can be a lonely stage as you can find yourself alone in schools with noone else experienced in this stage to share and plan together with. Dont feel embarassed to ask for help as the advisors know what a demanding job we have and are fantastic at supporting and also if your nneb or ta has worked in the reception before use their experience too

cheers have a great time susie

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