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Hi everyone,


After spending HOURS scouring forums and reading the new EYFS documents I have finally come up with some weekly planning formats. Could you lovely people have a look and let me know what you think? I have included:


a learning environment plan (one for indoor and another for outdoor)

a daily plan showing whole class sessions and a brief description of focus activity

a focus activity sheet


in addition to this I also do a weekly phonics plan.


Is this too much? Have I left anything out? I would really appreciate your feedback.





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These look fine to me. I will attach what I have come up with.

I think its a case of trying things and changing them if they don't work.

Also trying not to create too much paperwork.. only do what is needed.


I have a main planner which will have two sessions in the morning and one main focus in the afternoon. A phonics planner and a continuous provision/ enhance provision through observation.


Hope this makes sense.



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I think as long as they are easy to use and they work for you then that's ok. My planning this year looks very different to last years, I started using EYFS last year so that is not the reason why! Make sure you reflect on it and don't be afraid to change it if it doesn't work.

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they all look really really good

i agree about trying not to repeat self and save on paperwork but planning is so personal to self and seting its what we as individuals feel comfy with

i sometimes feel so happy i am not expected to use same format as rest of school and that i can tweak add bits take bits out without the problem of not conforming to whole school policy

ty i already tweaking and making more explicit my observation time by changng heading to look liste and note

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