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Hello everyone. im just doing my planning for the start of the new term-I work in a Nursery in a prep school. My theme is going to be bears and I was wondering if anyone had some amazing ideas.

We will have a teddy bears picnic, a three bears house role play........any more ideas please? xxxx

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you could do something on we're going on a bear hunt...go on a bear hunt, make a bear hunt tough spot with the different textures that they travel through, make bear masks, perform songs like 5 bears in a bed.

they could all bring in a bear from homw to talk about, you could make homes for them, or use diffferent textures/paint patterns with fingers and use them as bedding for their bear.

you could also look at eric carles brown bear, brown bear book. could talk about different animals in story - name animals/colours - maybe link to colour mixing.

you could do porridge tasting, or describing feel of it.

you could maybe do counting bears/compare bears in maths. maybe feeding them honey sandwiches (?!) you could get lots of different teddies and do sorting with them. maybe put some in your water play area for washing (!) or fish in the water play for catching for the bears tea, then counting how many they caught. maybe make a cave for role play.

other texts could be 'this is the bear' they are nice. sing round and round the garden.


hope this helps, i am year 1 and moving into nursery this yeart for the first time...apologies if any of these are too hard or just totally random and dont fit! it takes a while to get your head around it! good luck.

cupcakeyum x :o

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:o also....

may be you could look at polar bears, you could have some kind of arctic roleplay setting, they could catch fish! maybe in your investigation area/water area you could have ice cubes and look at melting. or floating and sinking. may be you could put bear foot prints around the room that lead to a honey pot or something x

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