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Can anyone recommend any books for Pre School age children (2-4 yrs) re: keeping safe.


I have heard of two books, one I think is called ' Out of reach' and one about getting lost and asking for help - do not know title, but cannot find on amazon, and have also heard of another about crossing the road and holding hands.



Anything to do with safety (road, stranger danger, not playing with medicines etc.) - this would be a huge help. Can I rely on you good people?

Thanks in advance, ever hopeful!

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hiya :o

As said Topsy and Tim do one.

This may not help but the most effective way I have found to get accross the message to children about holding hands etc is to tell a story using a persona doll. Billy has been very very silly and his mummy and daddy are very cross do you know what he did? He .......... (you can dramatise it to suit) The children sit engrossed and love to tell their parents about how Billy behaved!! I remember last year it helped one child who would not hold her mum's hand and often run off!! The children are encouraged to tell Billy HOW to behave and make him a list/picture etc to keep Sorry if its not helped xD Im sure somebody will know some goods books too!!!


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Guest Wolfie

I agree with you Andrea, that's a very powerful way to get messages across and the children really concentrate and take it in!

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